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My name is Maribel Mendoza and I never thought that I would be working in the stoves of kitchens until my studies of Marketing and Sales led me to move to Caracas.  When I was 20, I was working for the Marketing and Sales Department in a Pharmaceutical Company - Wyeth Ayerst International, by then, my interest in culinary began.  I noticed the artistry in the dishes served at the banquets while attending conventions and events in different hotels in the Caribbean.

This encouraged me to start my education in Culinary and I became a Chef of International Cuisine in 1991.  Without leaving my career in the Pharmaceutical Company, I started my own business named Banquetes Mendoza in 1994 alongside other Chefs, and I was responsible for carrying out the food and beverage budget, menus, tasting, and training the new cooks. Unfortunately, by 1999, Banquetes Mendoza closed its operation due to the rising Socialism in Venezuela.

I left my country and dedicated fully and completely to my culinary career, working for corporate hotels around Charlotte, NC., a city that has hugged me during all this time. Without leaving my full-time job, and as a single mother of one girl, I began in 2011 Cazabe Grille Personal Chef Services and my studies of Hospitality Management at CPCC,  which were finished in 2015. I was able to take care of my own business during my day off in my full-time job and never stopped working for hotels until March 2020, due to COVID-19. And now, I'm full time in my own business.  

I invite you to visit my Instagram page @cazabegrillepchef2011 and my Facebook @mendozafoodservices

It all began one sunny and hot day at the Caribbean Sea....

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